Yoga Sequences

Yoga Sequence – Power Yoga for the Hips (75 minutes)

Hips and back bends 

The hips are the passageway to the top and bottom of our bodies. It feels so good when they are nice and open. As you open up, you can feel to blood flowing more strongly. Unblocking your hips also helps with your mood.

Peak poses: toppling tree, sugar cane and standing splits

Props: one block

You are trying so hard to get more flexible, so achieve peace by focusing on each pose with love and care, being kind to your body and kind to your mind.

Supported fish 🐠 ,

Bend knees, hands to where the thighs meet the hips and press with arm strength,

Simple twist with shoulder ⭕️ circles,

Wind removing pose (with knee circles),

Happy 😃 baby,

On back core sequence: 

Pulse up with bent knees, lift legs up to the sky lift bum pulses, rope lifting abs,

Bridge lifting up the hips,

Hold Bridge at top,

Relax down

Extend legs up the wall and move feet and hands in a ⭕️ circle

Come up into butterfly 🦋 legs, go back for a back bend, butterfly 🦋 forward fold,

Table top with leg circles:

Then table top,

Cat 🐈 cow 🐄 three times, then freestyle,

Table top with bent leg, circle ⭕️ knee then switch direction,

Extend the leg back and stretch the back of your leg, do the other side

Table top

Seal pose

Come back to child’s pose (Repeat 3x)

1st Down Dog:

Tuck toes, down dog

Walk your feet to your hands, rag doll

Roll up

Keep feet separated for standing Savasana

Close eyes and set intention

Hands to your hips, soften knees and make circles with your hips, shift the direction,

Keep right hand on hip, left arm over for a side stretch, then switch,

Both hands on lower back for a back bend, come back to center,

Hands on the crease of your hips and thighs and press back,

Inhale chair with feet separated hip width apart,

Exhale airplane arms

Inhale mountain pose with back bend,

Exhale side bend hold on to elbows, inhale torso up keep a hold of your elbows,

Exhale side bend,

Inhale extend arms up.

Exhale Side twist (feet open hip width apart),

inhale extend arms up,

exhale side twist to the other side,

inhale mountain with back bend,

exhale interlace the hands behind for a backbend,

inhale chest up,

exhale forward fold with hands bound, release hands down,

Inhale half way lift

Exhale forward fold

Inhale chair

Exhale chair with airplane arms

Inhale mountain with backbend

Chair and horse pulses:

Sit down into chair with the arms forward, pulse in chair (option to bring hands to heart center)

then step back for horse pulse right foot back the back in chair, pulse, then step left foot back for horse pulse

Step forward pulse in chair again,

release standing savasana with arms back,

Inhale mountain with a back bend,

Forward fold

🦍 Gorilla 🦍 pose

Why must there be conflict between reaching for your dreams while stying firmly rooted to that which is solid?

Squat and curl

Step back into low lunge

Cat cow lunge


horse, move around in horse.

Star pose (extend arms up),

Horse and star ⭐️ 3x

Cat cow lunge to the back of the room

Squat and curl

Step back into wide legged forward fold with arms forward

Low lunge to squat and curl

from squat and curl extend one leg out then extend the other leg

From squat and curl

Forward fold

Halfway lift

Forward fold

Inhale mountain

Fun twist with knee lifts section:

Side motion is important or else we would not have peripheral vision 

From standing position, twist torso for a side twist and recognize your right from your left side. Swing arms back and forth to warm up shoulders.

Twist with knee lifts

Then twist with knee lifts and step back

Extra instruction moment – teach stepping back into 🐎 horse 🐎 (knee lift with step back into horse)

Back to just twisting arms

Mountain pose with back bend

Standing savasana with airplane arms

A series as below:

One legged mountain

Exhale side twist, twisted torso arms extended

Inhale one legged mountain

Exhale step back horse with goddess arms

Inhale warrior one

Exhale extend front leg with airplane arms

Inhale One legged mountain

Chair with airplane arms

Do this three times

Twist with exalted arms:

Mountain pose make yourself a skyscraper, feet firmly rooted in the ground and your hands reaching up to the infinite above

inhale mountain,

exhale twist to the right with extended arms,

inhale exalted arms,

exhale swing arms to a forward fold with a twist right hand down, repeat exalted to forward fold with twist three times,

inhale stop at the twist then back bend,

exhale Standing savasana.

B Series:

inhale mountain,

exhale forward fold.

Inhale half way lift

Exhale forward fold,

Inhale one legged mountain LEFT leg up,

exhale horse with goddess arms,

inhale warrior one,

exhale interlace the hands behind you,

Inhale chest up,

exhale humble warrior,

inhale warrior one,

exhale balancing airplane, breathe here then

inhale one legged mountain,

exhale chair with airplane arms,

Then do other side (do it three times)

Third time one legged mountain with the option to extend the leg,

warrior two,

inhale warrior one,

exhale interlace hands,

Inhale chest up,

exhale toppling 🌳 tree,

back to Warrior one

open warrior two,

Pulse in warrior two

forward into half moon 🌙,

back to warrior two

Crescent Lunge with back bend,

Balancing airplane ✈️

Standing splits – PAUSE and play time here

One legged mountain arms up

exhale chair with airplane arms,

Then do other side.

Balancing Sequence:

one legged mountain,

hook your big toe with peace fingers and open to the side,

go back to center for figure four (or tree 🌲 pose)

keep your foot off the ground then up into dancers,

then release your foot for warrior three,

step back for warrior one,

open into warrior two,

inhale reverse warrior,

exhale half moon 🌙 ,

Sugar cane option,

back to half moon,

exhale feet down to warrior two,

inhale crescent lunge

exhale set up exalted crescent,

Inhale chest up,

Exhale revolved half moon 🌙,

Inhale one legged mountain with a twist,

Hold on to the knife 🍴 edge of foot with left hand 🤚 twist to the side,

Come to center for one legged mountain (option to extend leg forward),

Exhale chair with airplane arms,

Other side. 

Inhale arms up mountain,

exhale arms back (chair with airplane arms and feet open hip width apart)

inhale open chest back bend,

exhale chair pose with hands forward, (do it three times),

inhale mountain,

exhale side bend to the right,

inhale mountain,

exhale side bend to the left,

inhale mountain,

exhale another dancers 💃,

inhale one legged mountain extend leg forward,

exhale balancing airplane ✈️

inhale crescent lunge,

exhale airplane arms,

inhale crescent lunge,

exhale revolved crescent,

inhale crescent lunge,

PULSE in crescent lunge with hands in prayer  🙏 position

exhale step forward into standing savasana.

Now do other side.

Forearm plank:

I know that you will feel like taking it easy here but you are only cheating yourself

come forward to forearm plank to warm up the core (hold then hip dips),

side plank on the forearms, extend the top arm forward,

switch to the other side forearm plank,

bring knees down for puppy dog 🐶 with prayer 🙏 hands,

sphinx pose,

Table top

Hot yoga style things:

then bring knees down for camel 🐫

then rabbit 🐇 pose.

Spinal strengthening:

Open the arms airplane wings, lift up, lower,

interlace hands behind back lift then lower,

hook the feet for floor bow 🎁 , lift up and lower.

Puppy dog with shoulder opener threading the needle, back to center and other side, back to center.

Come to a seat

Star ⭐️ Gazer:

side forward fold with one leg bent (bend one knee in and extend forward – Bikram style),

star ⭐️ gazer with both knees bent then switch sides.

Other side 

🚣‍♀️ boat 🚣‍♀️ pose, hook the big toes and extend sideways, back to center lay on back.

Back bends:

Bridge for a backbend

Option to shift into wheel pose or hold bridge.

Collapsed bridge knees together,

legs crossed hip opener hold on to the outside knife edge of feet with hands,

half pigeon on the back,

release knees to chest

Surrender series: 

plow to

shoulder stand to

happy baby 🍼

then normal twist.

Finishing with supported 🐠 fish or Savasana.

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