Allman Brown And Liz Lawrence ‘Sons And Daughters’ and Projecting Yourself Forward In Time

This is a great song to play for students during Final Savasana. What we like about the lyrics is that the couple seems to be nearing the end of their lives. They’re still very much in love. After the second chorus the payoff comes as the listener realizes that they are actually young and have their lives in front of them, “It’s all to come/for now we’re still young/we’re just building our kingdom/but it’s all to come”

It’s a hopeful song that still manages to accept the inevitable. Incidentally, helping clients project themselves forward in time, where they imagine how they will be and then give advice to their current selves from that future perspective, is a wonderful therapeutic tool. It might seem like living in the future goes against the principles of mindfulness but the paradox is that imagining that future date while grounded in the present actually helps you embrace and cherish the present moment that much more. Be careful, this song is SUPER catchy we can’t stop listening to it.

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