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Alt J Fitzpleasure

Alt J has a lot of great songs for yoga. This one is fun because the beats change and the levels go up and down in unexpected ways but the tempo stays constant, creating a nice meditative feel that’s great for a Vinyasa flow. It’s also fun because the backup singers sound like they’re chanting when they pipe in, making the music feel to us like a ceremonial religious affair. The image that pops up in our heads is the Vedas and Vedic culture, the forerunners of yoga. Their religious ceremonies included a lot of chanting, and they considered sounds to be sacred. They were the ones who discovered the sound ‘Om’; sages believed it was the vibration of the universe, and this is why chanting Om is supposed to be a powerful experience for us. We create a sound in our own bodies that in fact is the universe, which of course shows that the Universe and all of us are fundamentally the same entity.

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