Daily Practice

If you’ve taken that exciting step to make yoga a daily or almost daily practice, feel proud of yourself for your dedication. But also remember that circumstances can change when you do something every day. Christmas wouldn’t be the same if it came around every morning.

When people only practice once in a while, they can afford to give everything they have, leaving it all out on the mat, because they know they won’t be back for some time. They want to get the most they can out of the experience.

If you’ve decided to go every day though, you want to increase your mindfulness to protect yourself from burnout, and this means accepting how you are really feeling instead of how you wish you were feeling and adjusting your effort accordingly. It’s okay to take it easy during some sessions, spending time in savasana or child’s pose, or simply backing off from some of the more strenuous poses.

Once you’ve decided to go all in, you can realize that yoga is a journey not a foot race. You’ll keep feeling that pull to go the studio and practice every day because you won’t push yourself past the limits of what your mind and body are capable of handling in the long-term.

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