Embrace The Challenge When Someone Blocks Your View Of The Mirror

We’ve all been there, we have our spot all picked out before class with a perfect view of the mirror and then someone plops down right in front of us, completely blocking our view. It’s easy to get upset, or at least a little annoyed, especially when there are plenty of other spots available that this person could have taken without blocking anyone’s view.

But if you want a perfect opportunity to put the philosophy of yoga into practice, cultivate equanimity instead, embrace the challenge of not being able to rely on your reflection through the sequence of poses. It’s a perfect opportunity to go inwards, to focus all your attention on the space within your mat, to work on that inner sight.

Of course, another move is to kindly ask the practitioner to move over a little bit, which is certainly putting yoga philosophy into practice as long as you can approach this person with your emotions under your control. Pretty much any way you choose to respond will be better than letting the thoughtlessness of someone else negatively affect your practice.

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