Floor Bow and Channeling Your Potential

The metaphorical aspect of floor bow is that you are actually turning your body into a bow, the type that shoots arrows. The further you can go into the pose, the further you pull back the string and the more taut your bow becomes, creating that much more potential energy to be loosed onto the world.

Next time you are in bow pose, think about yourself as a Self capable of gathering free floating energy together to use in a focused way. Try to go just a little bit deeper into the pose to draw that string back just a little bit more. If some people were aware of the explosive potential lying dormant inside of them, and if they could figure out a way to channel this raw potential into a project or endeavor, they would be shocked at what they were capable of accomplishing.

Which takes us further into the metaphor. It’s not enough to summon all that energy, although that’s a great start. You have to notch your arrow onto the string and then fire it towards a specific target or your energy buildup and expenditure will be a waste of time. Some people are constantly moving, with almost frenetic energy, but their efforts are so scattered that they don’t really accomplish anything. Think of concrete, specific areas in your life where self-actualization is a priority and then utilize that massive potential you have been gathering together in your yoga practice, going after an interest with the same focus, energy, and determination that you use to move through your asanas.

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