Yoga Sequences

Yoga Sequence – Inversion Focus (75 minutes)


Love, love, love inversions! If you are new to it, it can be scary. Realize that just like a toddler learning how to walk you can use props to help you. Use the wall! Start small, tiny little hops and keep trying. I recommend before every class you hop away!

Peak poses: traditional head stand, forearm stand and hand stand

Conversation point:

Did you know this about Inversion poses?

1. Gives your heart a break
2. Helps your lymphatic system
3. Energizes you and builds confidence
4. Improves your balance
5. Builds core strength
6. Forces you to focus
7. Releases your ego and helps you practice non-attachment
8. Provides a new perspective

75 Minutes Sequence

Grab a block


Start in Savasana pose focus on breath

Core exercises:

Open arms sideways with knees bent, move knees to warm up side abs
Lay down on back and hug knees (rock from side to side)
Some additional shoulder warm ups and stretches, such as:
knees bent to one side circle your top arm one way for a few times then the other (then switch sides)
Maybe: Child’s pose to Up-Dog-With-Legs-Bent (do it 3X)
Down Dog (DD)
Rag Doll

Samastithi – set intention


Sun A HPF Style (3X)

Sun B as below
Chair pose to Airplane arms (3X)
Mountain Pose
Back bend
Side bend (Half moon)
Mountain pose (MP)
Forward Fold (FF)
Half Way Lift (HL)
Step right foot back for Crescent Moon (CM)
Half Splits
Forward into Low lunge
Crescent lunge
Airplane arms
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
Low lunge
Low lunge twist
Horizon lunge
Low lunge
Standing Splits
Crunch (squat) and curl
Donkey kicks
Make way to seated position (maybe sit on block)
——Do the other side——
———Repeat above 3X———

Add more core boat
Neck warm up exercises (with crane’s neck)
Wrist warm up exercises
Some shoulder stretches to each side then back and forward
Turn on your belly for crocodile
Then cross arms under chest (then the other arm in front)
Sphinx pose
Puppy dog pose
Transition to seated position for demo of headstand

-Demo headstand-
Get to a wall and try headstand
Rest in child’s pose

-Demo forearm stand-
Get to a wall and try forearm stand
Rest in child’s pose

-Sit for Handstand demo-
First try L Shaped Handstand on wall
then try standard handstand against the wall then off the wall
Rest in child’s pose

Spine strength poses on belly
Butterfly legs laying down pose
Pigeon on back
Happy Baby
Shoulder stand
Ear Pinning pose
Supine Twist
Final Savasana

Closing/share statement

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