Notice When Your Breathing Has Gotten Away From You

One of the main goals for most of us during a yoga session is to get through the entire sequence of poses without altering our rhythmic Ujjayi breathing. But of course this is more of an ideal than a reality. We find that despite our best efforts our bodies betray us, seeming to require air more urgently than the breathing pace we have set can provide.

And that’s okay as long as you notice when your breathing has gotten away from you. A major reason for Ujjayi breathing in the first place is to help you mindfully come to the here and now. Being consciously aware that your breathing has escaped your control is a form of mindfulness too.

All you have to do when you find that your breathing is getting away from you is to recommit to it without judgment, either by taking a break so that you can slow down the pace or by just taking the control back, refocusing on your rhythmic breathing as you continue to move through a sequence.

This process is the logical and necessary bridge between little control over your breath and being able to maintain focused Ujjayi breathing without skipping a beat during a whole class.

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