Vinyasa Yoga and Fluidity During Life Changes

Vinyasa yoga is all about flow, about fluidity of movement as you make your way through the sequence. Although every class is made up of a bunch of different postures, the ideal would be to weave them all together so that at the end of class you were able to look back on just one very long, very complicated posture. This makes the fluid movements between asanas just as important as the asanas themselves, since what you’re going for is an uninterrupted whole rather than a bunch of broken up parts.

You can apply the idea and practice of fluidity in vinyasa yoga to your life when changes come around. Things might come to a grating, crashing halt when you find yourself confronted by new circumstances that you weren’t expecting or didn’t want. But you can think of these new circumstances as just the next chapter in the same book, the next pose in a sequence of poses, and try to gracefully move from the old to the new.

Next time you’re going through a flow, concentrate as much on your movements between poses as on the poses themselves, noticing your ability to connect one asana to the next while realizing in the moment that you become so focused on the pose you have arrived at that you naturally and effortlessly let go of the pose you just came from.

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