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Yoga Sequence – Another Barre Infused Practice

Another barre

This Barre/Yoga/Inversions sequence is done without weights. You use your body weight only. It is also very dance infused for the dancers out there!

Props needed: one block (used for the inversions and for full splits), one towel or blanket (used as cushion under head for traditional head stand), and one strap or band (used for the stretching sequence)


Puppy dog


Child’s pose with hips to one side and hands to the opposite side (then move to the other side)

Table top

Sideways cat and cow

Seal with side twists 

Seal with relaxed shoulders 

Cat/cow (table top/standard)

Table top with leg moves 

Table top with extended leg and opposite arm (forward and back)

Table top with knee to nose (do it three times)

Table top to awkward airplane 

Table top bow (hold on to the foot from the inside with the opposite hand)

Table top with calf stretch

Table top with knee circles

Gate pose (open top arm back then forward and down then up again then above head towards the front wall)

—Do the other side —

Plank to Down dog (do it three times)

Plank with mountain climber 

Plank move one foot to the side then back to center then alternate (do at least fifteen sets)

Cobra with variations (arms to the side with spider hands, then arms forward with spider hands)

Forearm plank with hip dips 

Side plank on forearm, then top arm curls down towards bottom, armpit (do it ten times) then switch to the other side 


A Series (repeat it three times)


Side bends 

Back bend


Exalted arms 

(Then flow up to a backbend with exalted arms down to forward fold — do this three times)

Chair with hands interlaced behind head 

Bring right elbow towards right hip 

—Do the other side —

One leg mountain 

Balancing airplane 

– Repeat this three times-

One leg mountain 

Lunge pulses (with hands to the heart center)

Pyramid with a backbend (with arms up)

Balancing airplane (pulse bottom leg ten times)

Shiva squat 

Low lunge

Handstand hops

—Do the other side —

Roll shoulders forward with arms down and feet separated hip width apart


Pause on one side

Horizon lunge (move hips up and down)

—Do the other side —

Wide leg forward fold (with hands interlaced behind back)



Supported Frog (or crow with the forehead down)

Barre Section


Fire hydrant

Front and back leg lifts 

Warrior three leg lifts

Half moon leg lifts 

Dancer on the wall

Standing splits on the wall


Traditional headstand, forearm stand, or handstand (all on the wall)

Stretching Sequence 

Wide leg seated (make circles with the torso)

Half pigeon 

Bend back leg

David (hip opener)

Half splits with seat on heel

Cow lunge 



Squat and curl 


Wide leg seated twist (do the other side)

Then add fixed firm

Simple surrender series 

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