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Yoga Sequence – Eagle Focus

Eagle Sequence

I love flowing warm up sequences, this complete class has one of my favorite ways to feel ready to flow in A series and the rest of the class. I do what feels good in my body. The idea is to get flowing pretty quickly, within about three minutes from the start, but you can flow with the warm up set as well.

Peak poses: Eagle side plank with flip dog, reverse warrior to triangle, Triangle to Prasarita

Child’s pose to Seal pose (repeat three times)
Puppy dog with shoulder stretch (bend elbows and bring thumbs to the base of the neck)
Cat/cow freestyle
Hero with one knee up then switch the knee up
Squat with heels on ground (knees together; chi gong style)
Heels off ground (squat and curl)
Hug legs lift feet off ground (boat pose)
Hug thighs and extend legs
Forward and back to squat and boat
Hold boat (hold toes and open legs sideways)
Version of camel/reverse table top with tucked toes (stretching the top of the feet)
Reverse table top (lift one leg up than the other)
Hug knees and roll back and forward into forward fold
Rag doll

Standing Savasana (close eyes and set intention)

Mountain with a backbend
Side bend (right to left)
Mountain with a backbend
Side twist (right to left)

Mountain with a backbend
Forward fold (FF) with bent knees and arms up and forward
Squat with heels down and arms forward
Sit into boat (with spider hands forward and down on the ground)
Roll back into a plow
(Repeat three times)

Simple SUN A (flow three times)

B Series 

One leg mountain
Step back to horse
Star to horse (three times)
Pause in horse
Play with horse on heel then toes up (shift weight from side to side)
Shift toes forward, extend legs, airplane arms (Pyramid with airplane arms)
One leg mountain
(Other side)

One leg mountain to balancing airplane (three times)
Step back to horse with goddess arms
Half moon to the back of the room (or Shooting Star)
Land back in horse
Shift toes forward, extend legs, airplane arms (pyramid with airplane arms)
Warrior one
Warrior two
Reverse Warrior
Reverse triangle
Low lunge with simple twist
Side plank
Wild thing
Three legged dog
Crescent moon 🌙 or crescent lunge
Low lunge with airplane arms
One legged mountain

Sleeping eagle
Eagle arms balancing airplane
Topling tree
(Other side)

Standing shiva, hold on to shin or foot
Switch hands hold you on to shin or outside knife edge of foot and twist
Tree pose
(Other side)

Hands to heart lower down
One leg at a time forward and balance with Side crow (do other side)

Extended boat
Boat with Hands to heart center and side twists
Eagle legs and arms crunches
Stretch whole body (morning stretch)
Legs up the wall
Arms along side body, lower legs down and lift up 3x
Come to sit

Cowl pose stack knees (or half pigeon)
Extend one leg back
Awkward airplane
Half Bow
(Other side)

Squat and curl
Lay down

Simple surrender series

When there is a longer balancing section I like to take a moment before it begins and remind the yogis of how good at balancing they are…here is what I usually say: come to standing savasana, close your eyes and notice how you are shifting your weight forward, back and sideways. This means you are constantly working on your balance to stay upright. This also means you are an expert at it. So for the upcoming balancing section keep this in mind and just shift your perspective to one foot. They journey is fun even if you fall out of the pose!

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