Yoga Sequences

Yoga Sequence – Full Mandala

Full Mandala Sequence

This sequence is packed full with balancing poses, it also is out of the norm and the variations you can add to the third round are unique and challenging. As always check out the possible modifications and first steps to make it more accessible, and listen to your body (be safe).

Peak poses: Standing forehead to knee, toppling tree and dancer variation with arms up (holding on to the foot from above)

Start with your favorite warm up and a few rounds of A Series.

B Series only

I – Warrior one

E – Interlace hands behind back

I – Open chest up

E – Humble warrior

I – Warrior one

E – Warrior two

I – Reverse Warrior

E – Triangle (on the third round: pause for variations of this pose)

I – Reverse Triangle

E – Horse

I – Star

E – Bear

I РPrasarita (wide leg forward fold) Р(on the third round: pause for variations of prasarita such as inversions)

E – Extended Side Angle

I – Reverse Triangle

E – Lunge with twisted torso (look to the right)

I – One leg Mountain with twisted torso (look to the left)

E – Bikram forehead to knee – just reach hands down to lifted foot (on the third round: pause for full expression of this pose)

I – Baby dancer – reach arms and right lifted leg back, reach to the foot (on the third round: pause for use strap to practice the full variation of dancer)

E – One leg mountain, extend lifted leg and arms forward

I – Balancing airplane

E – Standing splits (on the third round: pause for adding hops to practice hand stands)

I – Shiva squat

E – Squat and curl

I – Chair with arms up and forward, palms up

E – Chair with airplane arms

I – Chair with interlaced hands behind head

E – Forward fold with arms up and forward

I – Halfway lift with arms up and forward

E – Chaturanga (high to low plank)

I recommend doing one slow set, then flow breath to movement twice more, the third or fourth time add the pauses and deeper poses.

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