Yoga Sequences

Yoga Sequence – Half Mandala

Half Mandala Sequence

This is a complete class with different possibilities, you pick what you want to explore.  Mandalas are fun because it gives you a different perspective (looking to the side of the room then looking to the back of the room) and it gets people out of the norm, shakes things up! Always listen to your body, you are your own best teacher. 

Butterfly legs on back
Simple twist on back
Rock forward and back into boat
Squat and curl
Rag doll
Standing savasana

Set intention

Mountain pose
Supported side bend to the right
Mountain pose
Supported back bend to the left
Mountain pose
Half way down press hands on thighs
Forward fold hug legs from behind
Forward fold simple
High plank
Low plank
Up dog
Option to: Low plank
High plank
Down dog

Simple Sun A

Chair with airplane arms
Side bends
Side twists
Exalted arms
Back bend
Forward fold
Halfway lift
High to low plank
Down dog

Warrior one
Warrior two
Reverse Warrior
Reverse Triangle
Pyramid legs, airplane arms facing the back of the room
Pyramid legs, back bend, cactus arms

Option 1: Balancing airplane
Crescent lunge
Low lunge
High plank
Low plank
Up Dog
Down Dog

Option 2: Lunge with airplane arms
Warrior three
Low lunge, simple twist
Side plank
High to low plank

Option 3: Balancing airplane
Crescent lunge
Side Twist
Simple twist low lunge
Horizon lunge
High plank
Low plank

Then do the same thing on the other side

On the third round add this after side plank or low lunge:
High plank with knee across to opposite elbow
Wild thing
Fallen star
Scorpion down dog
Three legged down dog
High to low plank
Up Dog
Down Dog

Butterfly legs crunches
Clam shells crunches
Boat elbow twists
Squat and curl
Toe stand with one leg extended forward
Bent knees hands to the heart center go up

Standing shiva
Twisted shiva
Hot style tree pose
Bent knees hands to the heart center go down

Double (king) pigeon
Star gazer
Collapsed bridge legs

Surrender series:
Shoulder stand
Ear pinning pose
Happy baby
Supine twist

Have fun! Just keep track of your right and left to keep things even. Namaste!

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