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Yoga Sequence – Scandasana Focus

Scandasana focused sequence

I love scandasana, so here is a B Series sequence that gives you a chance to play with variations of it.

Props: one block

Before you practice the sequence below you can add any warm ups that you would prefer, such as child’s pose and flowing through three A Series. Then flow through this sequence below three times as well.

B Series

E – Squat and curl

I – One leg mountain

E – Scandasana to back to front to back (on the third time around: go deeper in scandasana moving from side to side then stopping on the back knee; try Archer)

I – Lunge with arms forward (facing the front of the room)

E – Lunge with arms back (airplane arms)

I – Pyramid with back bend (cactus arms or arms up)

E – Interlace hands behind back 

I – Open chest up (slight back bend)

E – Humble warrior (on the third time around: toppling tree)

I – Warrior one

E – Cross torso (one arm forward the other arm back, look to the side wall)

I – Exalted arms (on the third time around: tap elbow to front thigh then back to exalted arms; do it three times)

E – Warrior two

I – Reverse warrior

E – Triangle (on the third time around: play with arm variations)

I – Reverse triangle 

E – Horse with goddess arms (on the first time around: One side do side stretch/twists; other side pulse hips cup and down)

I – Star

E – Bear

I – Wide leg forward fold with arms up (Prasarita; on the third time around: option to do an inversion, or a twist or find a deeper stretch)

E – Extended side angle facing the front of the room

I – Reverse triangle 

E – High to low plank

I – Up dog

E & I – Down dog

E – Forward fold

I – Halfway lift

E – Squat and curl

Repeat from the first pose on the other side

Repeat two more times

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