Yoga Sequences

Yoga Sequence – Yoga/Barre/Inversion Fusion Class

Yoga/Barre/Inversion Fusion Set

This is a Barre infused yoga practice. Since we go to the wall for the bar section, I have added a few inversions. Add some intense core exercises at the end to seal in the hard workout! Oh, and add a nice stretching set on the floor to go back to the ballet mindset.

Start sitting cross legged

Body circles with hands on knees

Twist (one hand on the opposite knee the other hand behind you)

Back bend (with hands behind you, fingers forward)

Cat/cow seated

Reverse table top

Tricep pulses (seating down, hands on the ground behind you with fingers facing forward, feet open hip width apart and bent elbows, pulse them, both feet down, one leg up then the other)

Butterfly legs (move knees up and down)

Extend torso forward 

Table top

Cat cow

Table top with leg moves (i.e. awkward airplane, knee to nose and knee circles)

Down dog with forearms down

Lift one leg and pulse for ten times then do the same for the other leg

Scorpion dog

Plank with knee to nose (the windshield wiper the bent leg)

Fallen star

Wild thing

Then the other side 

A series (repeat three times) 

Mountain with side bends and back bend

Plank on forearms hold 

Forearm  plank with hip dips 

Side plank on forearms both sides 

Standing side twist (one arm forward and one arm back, hips parallel to the front wall, feet separated hip width)

Then do exalted arms

Move from exalted arms the one hand down on the ground

Chair pulses to horse (pulses both heels down, one heel up then the other heel up then both heels up)

Back to chair pulses

Pause in chair

Interlace hands behind back then forward fold with arms up and forward

One leg mountain to lunge with bent back knee to pyramid with arms up to lunge (do this three times on each side)

Then the next time add at the end: Horse, Extended side angle to Scandasana (move from side to side) to prasarita, bear, star, pyramid to one leg mountain


(Posture queue: no duck bum, engage core and the arm that is not on the bar is extended out like warrior two, the other hand is lightly touching the bar; Feet positions: Basic – feet together, First Position – Heels together and toes out sideways, Second Position – heels separated hip width apart both feet in a diagonal position) 

Calf workout: pulse heels up ad down without touching the heels to the ground (do thirty pulses for each of the Feet Positions)

Lift one leg up and pulse up then pulse back (both legs are bent and feet start at Second Position)

Fire hydrant (one bent leg knees together lift this leg up and down)

W3 (both hands on the bar) pulse the leg that is up higher

Half moon pulse the up leg higher (one hand on the bar the other arm is either up or touching the hip)

Dancer on the bar

Inversions on the wall: traditional (with feet on the wall), forearm (with block on the L shape of the index and thumb fingers, engage core) and handstand (do L shape on facing the wall then turn around

Core exercises

Stretching sequence 

Surrender Series 

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